Gallie Fisher is a chameleonic songwriter, producer and performer known for her ethereal voice and work.

Upon release of treasured single "Never Change", her collaboration base grew worldwide with international EDM releases such as "I Show You" with Giraffe Squad, "Ocean" with Steam Phunk, and Gallie's continuous tracks with Crystal Skies, "Release Me" and "This Moment" have been featured in an expanding repertoire, some such as Seeking Blue, Ophelia Records, and in media worldwide. Her projects are featured on mainstream entities (Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Amazon) and have been heralded by press across the internet for ingenuity and interconnectedness. For her performances with indie act Digital Lizards of Doom, she toured (playing mandolin and keyboard) and has appeared in Forbes Magazine and Sofar Sounds; her work has also been featured in film and television. Gallie has spoken at NAMM, where she shared glances of her songwriting methods, advice for aspiring creators, and what she finds successful in networking and artist development.

Gallie’s love of harmonic structure and melody make her an earworm maven; sprouting from roots in folk, blues and acoustic; she is a lifelong ghostwriter, garnering millions of streams for her and her collaborators. She is signed to Noize Cartel Records, where owner and contemporary Matt Alcobia has labeled her one of his hardest-working and most pedantic artists.

Continuing to thrive in the industry with signature marks on projects all over the world, this is the one and only Gallie Fisher.