Bye-Bye Facebook-Instagram, Google-YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, Amazon, and Apple

For a long time I was waiting to make the move off mainstream giants. These entities have taken too much power into their own hands and already done serious damage to our connection and shared perspective, and to the mental, physical, and spiritual health of all human beings on earth. I am revolted by them and their actions. I have contested for a long time and finally hit my breaking point in the purge of January, 2021. Overnight, the majority percentage of the online life for both myself and my peers (hundreds, thousands of accounts) disappeared. They were erased, stripped of our ability to communicate or make a living on these sites, all under the guise of "private company" protection, while simultaneously destroying the private rights of their competitors.

This is not the America I was born in and love, and not what I stand for in any shade of the imagination.They are crooks performing crookery in broad daylight, and I am wholly disinclined to play these games. We need to stand up now or we will lose everything we hold dear.

I am not an algorithm; neither are you.
I am a human being; and so are YOU!

Nothing can replace real connection. Love is such a big reality that we can all share it, just like MUSIC and HOPE.

Let's remember how absolutely, incredibly miraculous is it that we live right here, right now, in this universe, in the greatest time to ever be alive! 

I'll be finding new social media platforms to support and believe in, once the tech tyrants stop deleting them, blocking them, censoring, restricting, and cutting off their ability to even download the apps. For now, we fight against tech tyranny and forever for free speech and freedom of expression. Life is simply too good.

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Thank you so much for listening to my music, and to my words. Much Love.