Bye-Bye Facebook-Instagram, Google-YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, Amazon, Apple...

For a long time now, I've watched mainstream giants make bad-to-worse decisions, taking destructive and malevolent control of our shared reality. Many of my close friends and peers have been disconnected by these entities - I do not monetize or support them, especially when we disagree about the very definition of humanity, and are therefore are moving in very different directions in our psychological, physiological and spiritual evolution. I stopped using peremptory social media and detached from most forms of technology to wake up, and remember myself. It's time to wake up now, my brothers and sisters, and remember ourselves; to cherish and once again recognize reality.

I am not an algorithm; neither are you. 
I am a human being; and YOU are too!

The land I was born in and stands for freedom, with inherent dignity and reverence for every creation. 

Let's remember how absolutely miraculous is it that we live; right here and now - the greatest time ever to be alive!

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